13 June 2012

iPhone Dump

I just downloaded over 2,000 pictures from my phone (much to the dismay of my computer's memory) and spent some time looking through them and remembering the awesomeness of my life.

 Exhibit last summer at the MCA. The artist carved a story into the previous layers of paint of a wall.
 Architectural boat tour. I live in the best city...

 Assignments for photo class
Maybe I should pursue a career in calculator art 
 Outside of Aunt Barbara's house on Christmas

 Burning an SAT book because I hate school 
Incredible hand-lettering in an incredible place (Como, Colorado) 
Union Restaurant in Evanston 
Every single day I wonder what I would do without this kid 
My amazing parents  

Black on black on black 
 Lights from Wrigley Field

  Rainbows on my door

From when I went to San Francisco... I didn't know things this beautiful really existed 
Adler Planetarium (secretly my favorite place) 
Puerto Escondido, Mexico (yes, this is real) 

For when I convert to Satanism 
Simple collage 
Every Friday of my entire life 
Teen dreamz 
My puppy is now 7
 Art Institute
 Bathroom in my cousin's new bar
Remnants from my 20 Hour project
My beautiful, crazy city


I am sometimes (frequently) vain and obsessed with my nails.